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The restaurant pizzeria Cremonese is present in town for more than forty years (1972)The name was taken from the memorable bar Cremonese that has been for a long time one of the most known and well frequented places by the town center sportsmen.

It is situated in the city center. It looks out onto the gardens of piazza Roma. Nearby It is possible to visit the wonderful piazza del Duomo, piazza stradivari and the highly frequented historical shops that are on the walk of corso campi and corso Garibaldi

The pizzeria Cremonese is at a stone’s throw away from other tourists destinations such as The civic museum, the public library, the ponchielli theatre, piazza giovanni xxiii, the countless workshops of stringed instruments makers and the santa maria della pietà cultural centre where important artistic and musical set ups happen.

Thereabouts it is also possble to reach the renovated piazza marconi and the eminent violin museum that was inaugurated in september 2013 where stradivari's masterpieces (in the hall named Scrigno dei gioielli) Amati family pieces and some Guarneri del Gesù are kept.

Next to the museum the giovanni arvedi auditorium, an innovative jewel of acoustic engineering that counts 464 seats has been designed  by engineer Yasuhisa Toyota, one of the most major world experts in the sector, project manager of more than 50 music halls worldwide.

Moreover In the square in front of the museum a wide and convenient multilevel parking has been built.
A great variety of different pizza meets every request. Special attention is given to food intolerances: gluten free, whole wheat flour, yeast free and Khorasan wheat  pizzas are in the menu and can be baked for the take away option too.

The restaurant is equipped with a large and confortable air conditioned dining area suitable to accommodate receptions, groups, families, classes and birthday parties.

The outdoor area is large and spacious perfect to enjoy a relaxing meal surrounded by the green gardens of piazza roma.


Ristorante Pizzeria Cremonese

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